Berger & Föhr was selected to participate in Making Colorado and to contribute to the creation of a new Colorado state identity and ultimately, a new visual Colorado brand. 

We were tasked with, “bringing to life an engaging and resilient Colorado brand that will inspire our residents, unite our state programs and attract businesses, talent and tourists from around the globe.”

The work we produced can be seen and read about below.


Colorado is our home. It’s a beautiful place, simultaneously wild and technologically forward – diverse, and boasting a rich history. Shaped in equal measures by Mother Nature and its residents our great state embodies exploration, expansion, and opportunity while commanding a respect for the environment and highlighting a need for responsible resource management and conservation. 

The challenge of “bringing to life an engaging, resilient and distinctive Colorado brand,” capable of inspiring our residents, uniting our state programs, attracting businesses, talent and tourists from around the globe, is not a simple one. We chose to focus on achieving an approachable simplicity while creating a cohesive and aspirational visual state brand evoking all that Colorado has to offer.

Colorado’s new logo was designed to be as open, expansive, vertically ascending and aspirational as the state itself. It symbolizes the forward-thinking nature of Coloradans in both its truncation to the state’s two-letter postal code and in its literal, raising of the bar. The logo strives to communicate Colorado’s omnipresent visual tension between man and mountain – whether in the eastern plains or on the Continental Divide at 14,000 feet. 

The logo is distinctive, versatile, durable, timeless and memorable – all qualities shared by the state and successful identities alike. In simplifying the State’s visual identifier to just “CO,” the identity is further imbued with long held Colorado values of community, cooperation, collaboration, and other similarly positive Colorado notions. Ultimately, the new logo derives its true meaning from the quality of the thing it symbolizes, Colorado – and all the vibrancy, opportunity and potential that this great place has come to stand for.

Colorado is a place of stunning contrast, from its natural landscape and ever-changing colors to its people, unique in background, connected in aspiration.

The new Colorado symbol is designed to unite, inspire, pay homage to our state’s rich history and share the aspirational potential of this wonderful place.

01 - The new Colorado symbol is based on a square, having a 1:1 ratio to support scalability across mediums, particularly digital (avatars, favicon, app icons, etc.)

02 - To create the symbol, the square is first halved vertically.

03 - The square is then halved horizontally yielding four quadrants of equal size.

04 - The two lower quadrants are filled with equal sized circles.

05 - The interiors of both circles are removed symmetrically, in equal proportion.

06 - An isometric triangle is vertically center-aligned in the leftmost circle’s interior and is used to create a negative space, forming the symbol’s “C” in a visually pleasing proportion to the symbol’s “O.”

07 - A bar is integrated. The bar is top-aligned and identical in weight to that of the symbol’s characters.

08 - The letterforms and bar are filled, completing the framework of the new Colorado symbol.

The bar serves a variety of aspirational functions. The bar hints at height, altitude, opportunity, expansion, growth, potential, creates visual tension and helps create a sense of open space, a resource unique to Colorado. The bar is intended to literally evoke the idea of “raising the bar” – as a place, a people and a state.

Photography is vital to capturing the grandeur, wonder, diversity and spirit of Colorado. We have selected a small collection of photos from a variety of photographers that we feel communicate an honest, inspiring, true Colorado feel. The new “CO” symbol has been applied to these photos to provide additional context and begin to convey the sentiment evoked when logo and photo are brought together.

We have not spoken to the photographers whose work we have selected and presented here. The photos included were all found via Google image searches. We have credited the photographers and linked to their websites. If anyone would like their photographs removed from this presentation please contact us.

Photo credit: Peter Essick

Photo credit: HD Wallpapers

Photo credit: Thiago Tavares

Photo credit: Guy Schmickle

Photo caption: KBColorado

Photo credit: Sue Bryce

Photo caption: Alex Burke